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Vatica City Rome, the capital city of Italy, is saturated in art, culture and history. Even if art and history aren't normally your "thing", you will likely find yourself fascinated by Rome. This city built on seven hills has been the seat of two of the world's most influential powers - the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church - and has experienced over 2000 years of continuous occupation.

There are so many places of interest to visit when in Rome that it can be overwhelming - especially for the first time backpacker. Recognize that it is unrealistic to try to see everything there is to see in one visit and choose which sights are the most important to you. A city tour is a great way to visit and learn about a variety of points of interest in a short period of time. Many of the fountains and piazzas in Rome are easily accessed by foot so grab a map, circle what you want to see and plan to visit attractions that are close to each other on the same day.

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