Backpacking In Europe Train Trips & Round Trips

Europe is ideal for backpacking for the first time. Europe has many faces and traveling around is easy. In most countries, you can make yourself understood in English, and if you are not satisfied with going with a backpack, you will be home soon! In a short time, it is possible to experience many different cultures, countries, cities and natural landscapes. Moreover, Europe is a popular destination for Australians, Americans and New Zealanders, if you still want to imagine yourself on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Discover the most beautiful places in Europe!

Many people think of a long trip on tour on the other side of the world and forget what our continent has to offer. Europe has an incredible amount of cultural places, sights and beautiful cities. People from all over the world come to Europe, precisely because it is so beautiful. Moreover, it is often easy and cheap to travel to. For European backpackers, it is perfect for a short trip, a city trip, for a (first) longer trip or train trips.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has become a popular travel destination. There are many small, cozy university towns where you can sit in every bar and order an excellent beer. This part of Europe has a rich and exciting history. This way Russia and Poland have much more to offer than you would initially think. Moreover, prices are a lot lower compared to Western Europe.

North Europe

Northern Europe is always beautiful. In the winter there is often a lot of snow here, which offers opportunities to go on a winter sport. You can ski here at a relatively low altitude so that you can ski among the trees! In the autumn, nature shows its best side here and the views over the landscapes are a real spectacle of colors. In the summer you can relax on a terrace in one of the cozy cities. A trip through Northern Europe is perfect if you love nature and snow.

South Europe

Are you looking for sun, sea, and beach? Travel to the south of Europe and your wishes will be fulfilled. On the Mediterranean Sea, it is good to stay almost all year round. In the summer the temperatures rise to around 30-35 degrees. You are guaranteed to come back tanned. In addition to the excellent weather, Southern Europe is known for its delicious meals, the quiet mentality, and exciting cities.

Activities in Europe

Europe is also extremely diverse. From the sunny south to the mountainous and expansive north of Scandinavia. Europe has it all, and therefore there are countless activities. Learn to surf on the Atlantic coast, take a cooking class in Italy, go island hopping in Greece or walk one of Europe’s famous walking routes in Corsica, the G20. A trip through Europe will certainly not disappoint you.

Best travel time in Europe

If you like good weather, then the best travel time through Europe is evident in the summer. In May to September, you have the best chance of good weather, but this is also the peak season for most locations. The weather conditions can vary significantly per country and region. View your travel destination for the best travel time.