Get ready for your next adventure traveling with only a backpack.

Bring a solid backpack to carry all your stuff.

Plan your tour during festival season:

Backpacking to Europe can be more wonderful if you plan everything in advance. Prefer the check the most popular festival dates and the celebration spots in the continent.

Then plan your vacations accordingly. Some of the most popular extravaganzas include St Patrick’s day at Dublin when it gets loaded with Guinness-fuelled fun and shamrock-strewn activities.

Some of you may also love to spend a wonderful time at Roskilde in Denmark or enjoy the bizarre battle of oranges at Ivrea in Italy. All these adventure gateways can make your vacations memorable and full of fun. Here is a list of tips on this page.

Be careful about seasonal variations:

In case if you are planning to backpack during the peak summer heat, it is better to choose Baltic cities, Slovenian mountains or Balkan Coastline to make best out of your investment. The tourist traffic is usually lesser during autumn, and it is the best time to head towards Med. The famous islands and coastlines of Southern Europe are a little bit quieter these days, and you will find enough time to explore everything in detail. The cities recommended for this season are Italy and Spain.

Those who are planning to move out during wintertime are advised to check out the best opportunities to attend New Year Parties and classic skiing events. On the other side, the spring season is more suitable for heading towards the North where you can spend a memorable time in France, Netherlands, British Isles or Scandinavia.

How to travel?

Although there are plenty of options to travel around the adventure spots and cities; experts recommend choosing a train for the most comfortable and affordable experience. With the train, you will find more time to appreciate the ground level diversity of the cities. Also, trains can allow you more comfortable sleep overnight to cover longer distances so that you can save on accommodation cost.

Most of the countries these days are accessible via Interrail Global pass, or you can try equivalent Eurail pass. Other than this, you can think of a budget flight form moving between one corner of the continent to the other. An adequate decision about travel options can be taken by considering destinations that you are planning to visit and by calculating the distance between them. Explore all available options, compare fair details and pick something that offers full comfort at a reasonable price.

The food experiences:

The best advice from experts for all those who travel to Europe is that you should eat like locals. There is no doubt to say that Europe is the world’s best adventure gateway and the best thing to know about this place is its wonderful cuisine collections. When you move out with family and friends to the extraordinary tourist places of Europe, prefer to create a budgeted backpacking experience. If you avoid the tourist traps at big restaurants and drink with the locals; you will be able to enjoy a variety of recipes without breaking the bank.

It is good to treat yourself with big flavors and variety of dishes. After all, you are travelling to the world’s most famous food destination. You should try to get full English meals three times a day with some stunning additions of snacks and beverages in the meantime.

Choose savvy accommodation solution:

When you are moving out with family, accommodation is a major concern. After all, you need to assure full comfort for the kids. Well, the great news is that you can find many budget-friendly accommodation options in Europe. Many cities or pricier tourist destinations can help you book accommodation with the hostel system that is affordable and truly fantastic.

Homestays are another creative solution for frequent travelers, and they can help you save more money as compared to the hostels. Those who are ready to enjoy camping experience can easily find many perfectly equipped locations for accommodation. You need to choose your accommodation options depending upon the weather conditions at target destinations. Usually, it is easier to stay at camps during the summer season; but in winters or rainy season, you may need proper safety from poor weather conditions.

Plan your budget ahead:

Another important advice from experts for backpacking to Europe is to plan your budget ahead of time. Prepare a list of countries that are more affordable in terms of travel, accommodation and on-site adventures. You can also check out if some of your friends or relatives live at such locations so that few more bucks can be saved on accommodation. Get some tips from those who have visited these areas earlier; they may guide you better to save more. You can also ask agents to know more about some combos and offers for vacation entertainment.

Beyond all, you need to be more careful about what you pack in your bag. It should not be too heavy, but at the same time, you need to be careful about carrying all essential accessories. Try to reduce the burden on luggage by limiting unnecessary items. Also, make sure your backpack can provide good support to your shoulders and is sturdy enough to sustain wear and tear. Once you follow these experts tips for backpacking to Europe, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful experience outdoors.

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